“Time capsule”: A school security guard found a handbag that a schoolgirl left more than 60 years ago

This is what happened when a security guard found a handbag left 60 years ago

Once, this school security guard named Chas Pyle was wandering around the school and, suddenly, his attention was drawn to a metal panel between the wall and the locker. The concerned man noticed that it was standing unevenly so Chas decided to move it. Pyle found a weird red object and it turned out to be a handbag.

The guard thought it was left by one schoolgirl, whereas little did he know that the handbag he found was a real time capsule as inside it there were some items belonging to the 50s.

According to the documents, it proved to belong to Patty Rumfola who had lost her bag in 1957.

After her graduation, Rumfola got married and had five kids. Misfortunately, the woman passed away in 2013.

And recently, with the permission of Patty’s family, the administration of the school released the contents of her bag online. There were some school supplies, a cosmetic bag, photos, some documents and chewing gum.

Inside the handbag there was a purse and some coins as well.

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