“A matter of fate”: This 72-year-old elderly woman from Russia married a 59-year-old African man

This 72-year-old Russian woman and 59-year-old African man got married

“My heart belongs to you”. Such a heartwarming message was sent to this elderly Voronezh resident on her Facebook account.

Soon a romantic relationship began between this Russian woman named Lyubov and Jack from Africa who got married last year.

The elderly woman at her 72 chose an African man who has recently turned 59.

According to the spouses, most of their relatives were strongly against the couple’s union as they simply couldn’t understand how they fell in love and were going to live with each other. The families didn’t perceive how the African man was madly in love with a 72-year-old Russian woman.

However, Jack was to go back to Africa after their marriage as his traveling visa had already expired.

Now the man is in his homeland but is going to return to his beloved woman promising that he will soon introduce her to his parents.

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