While this sick elderly woman is taking her last breaths, her last wish mercifully comes true

During last minutes of her life, the woman meets the adorable animal she has always been obsessed with

In this heartwarming footage, the elderly woman’s last dream fortunately comes true! During all her life, even when she was already grown-up, she admired the famous movie “Bambi” and the only thing she desired was to see a deer at least once during her entire life. And her family did everything to fulfil the granny’s dream and the extremely touching moment was captured on camera.

This elderly woman who recently got terribly sick was taken good care of her two daughters, yet the things for her were getting even worse and now the life of the woman appeared literally on the line. In fact, she takes her last breaths. The sick woman confessed she would like to see an animal she has always been obsessed with one last time during her existence. The sweetheart granny also wears a T-shirt with Bambi.

The daughters clearly realized that finding a real deer and fetch it to their dying mother would be extremely challenging and nearly impossible. Yet, they succeeded in doing that! The moving moment they came into the room holding a deer in their arms is something out of this world. The scene literally made everyone burst into tears.

The woman was, perhaps, the happiest person all over the world and met the animal she was fond of all her life. Here you can watch the heartwarming moment below!

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