“How fast time passes away”: Here are photos of Hollywood star Julia Roberts’s grown-up kids

This is how Roberts’s adorable grown-up children now look and live

Admirable and talented Hollywood actress and celebrity not only managed to build a fantastic career achieving great success in the film industry, but also be a devoted and caring parent.

It is worth mentioning that the world famous star has three awesome children.

Her daughter Hazel currently studies at a private school and has already starred in some films. Whereas the young girl’s cherished dream remains becoming a supermodel.

Her eldest son hasn’t decided in what profession to specialize yet but the boy delights his mother with his fantastic vocal. Everyone is more than sure that he will definitely become a successful singer.

In addition, the actress doesn’t permit her children to lead social networking sites and be in the center of everyone’s attention.

However, the husband of the talented actress recently posted touching family photos writing “The cute mummy is in the center, we all love you”.

And in honor of Mother’s day, Roberts herself decided to post heartwarming pictures of her kids.

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