This is what Madonna’s grown up son David looks like whom she adopted about 14 years ago

Here is Madonna’s adoptive son David: How does he look now?

The iconic and beloved singer of millions of people Madonna committed a serious and responsible act adopting a poor orphan child from Malawi about 14 years ago. The bighearted woman named the boy David.

Besides, the legendary singer has a biological daughter and son and three more children who were also adopted. Whereas the woman loves them equally and unconditionally.

Currently, David lives in Portugal and recently his devoted mother decided to move to Portugal as well in order to stay by her son’s side.

David grew up a very smart and distinguished personality. The boy takes up sport and is currently a member of a football team. He also takes a great interest in music making his mother be really proud of him.

A reminder: David lives with his mother and is in a warm relationship with all his siblings.

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