Everyone deserves to have a home, especially during Christmas. An adorable puppy was lucky to be adopted

An adorable puppy’s life changed after being adopted 

An adorable puppy named Bobby was transferred to the Miame Dade Animal Services. But he wasn’t taken for a long time.

And he stayed there even after two months and Bobby slowly began to lose hope. And even the volunteers gave him more affection, because no one wants to adopt him.

Bobby feels sad and depressed and the volunteers considered to dress him up in a Christmas sweater to make him happy. And they even shared his photo on the Internet hoping it will help find a loving home for the puppy. They considered miracles would occur and someone will consider taking Bobby.

And they even considered paying for his adoption costs. They will do everything only someone considered to take him. And after all they were successful and a lot of people called the shelter for Bobby.

Bobby’s story was so heartbreaking, that a lot of people considered rescuing the poor animal’s life. A man named Robert Miller fell in love with Bobby as soon as he saw his photo. Robert clearly understands what would occur if he isn’t rescued.

But a woman named Paula defeated Robert. She found solutions for Bobby’s problems. Paula showed, that she was the best owner for Bobby and will make his life better. She clearly understands, that everyone desire to spend Christmas with a family.

Bobby’s life has transformed and now he could be happy.

Bobby appears to be very happy in the photos thanks to his new owner.


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