Does this 70-year-old elderly woman regret deliberately not having children?

We asked this 70-year-old woman whether she regrets not having children

While I was impatiently standing in the queue in the hospital, I accidentally met this 70-year-old elderly woman with such well-groomed and admirable appearance.

Later, as I became aware of, the woman first got married when she was still 20 and intended to devote her whole life to the career.

In several years, once her husband started to want children and ask her wife for it, Galina, today’s heroine, immediately divorced him. As a result, she managed to build a fantastic career, travel all around the planet and dress in fashionable French boutiques.

Galina, in fact, married twice. Her second husband regrettably passed away when the woman was 60 and she was left absolutely alone. Whereas the strong-willed woman started to take good care of her health, take up singing and dancing. Galina even began to learn Finnish walking,

And when I wondered whether she actually regrets not having children or not, she rushed to answer. “No, you know, I am not sorry at all. I regret nothing”.

She claimed that all her friends are parents and grandparents, yet they are totally alone. Galina claimed that at least she could pay for a person who will bring her food and water.


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