Jennifer Lopez’s charming outfits in which she appeared on the celebration of her 53rd birthday in Paris

Lopez appeared in several stunning dress while celebrating her birthday in Paris

It sometimes seems like Jennifer Lopez has forgot about aging and time has no power over her ageless beauty. It is hard to believe that the woman has already celebrated her 53rd birthday the celebration of which was held in Paris.

She made every single one admire her with her spectacular appearance in the hotel side by side with her beloved husband. Lopez was in a gorgeous floral print dress with shiny rhinestones at her neck. And the flying part of the outfit really completed her spectacular appearance making her look even more feminine.

It is worth mentioning that among millions of those who congratulated the star, the first ones who rushed to do that were actually her precious children. In the evening, the beautiful family went to the new Christian Dior restaurant to celebrate the special date.

Then, the world famous star appeared in a rather revealing pink dress with sandals completing her look with a gold pendant and fashionable sunglasses. Her beloved husband was in a blue shirt, suitable trousers and brown leather shoes.

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