The mother-heroine gave birth to twins at the age of 57: It has already been 16 years

This woman at 57 gave birth to adorable twins: How they look after 16 years

This charming American woman has always been considered an exemplary woman.

For a relatively long time, she worked in the sphere of show business that’s why she simply couldn’t succeed in her personal life.

After she started to put an emphasis on her spiritual development, a cherished dream arose in her heart-to become a mother. Yet she couldn’t as she was already 57 at that time.

However, the woman refused to give up and decided to turn to ECO procedure. Soon she luckily gave birth to adorable twins. Though she didn’t have a husband, the mother managed to raise her children in a proper way.

Currently, the awesome twins are already 16 and their mother regularly shares their joint pictures on her account.

Despite her age, she tries to always look after herself and dress in a stylish way in order not to look like a grandma beside her twins.

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