Look at this puppy’s photos…He slept on his saviour’s shoulders…  

One hot day Anand Raman visited her sister in Dubai, when he noticed a stray dog cooling in parked car’s shade. The dog looked at him and he noticed, that his legs didn’t look quite right. But the puppy was happy and wagged his tail! Anand immediately fell in love with the animal. 

He took the dog to his vehicle and the dog immediately slept on the rescuer’s shoulder, while driving to the hospital. At the hospital the dog was examined and they found out, that it has rickets in both front legs. However the treated illness wouldn’t have long-time results.  

Anand could take the pet home and wash it. After all the dirt was washed the pet became snow-white. And his name stimulated from “The Adventures of Tintin”. 

The owner only wanted to make the pet happy, but it was difficult at first, as the dog spent most pf his life on the streets and it was unknown for him how to act inside the house. And as he took the dog on walks, the animal thought it would be abandoned again. 

But soon the pet understood, that he has nowhere to go and it was his home.  

“He didn’t sleep and wait for us to come home from work and encircles us with love and affection”. Anand also told, that he behaves very well with children and guests. 

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