Conchita’s fantastic transformation: The winner of Eurovision, Conchita Wurst became an attractive man

Conchita Wurst’s radical transformation left absolutely everyone speechless

Conchita Wurst is actually the famous nickname of talented and praiseworthy artist Tom Wurst. The man is currently 23 years old and is well-known not only thanks to his great talent and powerful voice, but also his extraordinary and non-standard appearance.

Over many years, Wurst brilliantly performed in front of millions of fans appearing with beard but in feminine dresses. Recently, Tom delighted his audience with his fantastic transformation of becoming a brutal and handsome man.

His fresh appearance was, of course, approved and liked by millions. The legendary man decided to cut off his long hair and wash off makeup but still keep the famous breed.

Many of his fans were simply astonished and hardly recognized their beloved artist. What do you think?

What can you say about his transformation?


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