A Boy With Different Eye Colors Shelters a Cat With the Same Kind of Unusual Eyes

Madeleine Humphis is from Oklahoma. When he was born he had a cleft lip and heterochromia which is an anomaly that causes a person’s eyes to differ in color. It was possible to correct the non-standard lip shape with the help of operations, but it was impossible to influence the color of the eyes.

The boy’s unusual appearance attracted the attention of his peers, who laughed at him. That’s why it was difficult for the boy to make friends with anyone.  One day, Madeline’s mother saw a photo of a cat on the Internet that had an eye color and a lip problem, too.

At that moment he animal was at the animal protection shelter. The woman realized that she was simply obliged to shelter the four-legged beauty. Now Madeline has a real friend named Luna.

The family members are already sharing pictures of the cutie on Instagram, where the subscribers admire their touching story and write comments with words of support.

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