“The same charming smile”: Roberts showed a touching photo with her elder sister

Iconic Hollywood actress Roberts posted a picture with her elder sister Lisa

The Hollywood star, whom probably everyone is well familiar with due to her legendary roles in such films as “Pretty Woman” and “My Best Friend’s Wedding”, posted a joint photo with her elder sister on Brothers’ and Sisters’ International Day.

Roberts charms the world with her sincere and angelically beautiful smile which she inherited from her mother. She posted a heartwarming photo with her who, unluckily, passed away in 2015. According to network users, they possessed the same charming smile.

And recently, the actress delighted her fans sharing a joint photo with her elder sister with the heading “Me and my adorable sister. We have dressed up but there is nowhere to go”.

Their heartwarming picture immediately gained thousands of warm reactions and positive comments. It also had about 350 thousand likes.

Lisa Roberts is only 2 years older than Julia. The woman also chose a career of an actress whereas she hasn’t achieved such great success as her talented sister. She became a director of several films and since 1997 has been married to actor Tony Gillan.

Besides her sister Lisa, Julia also has a brother named Eric with whom she used to have a strong relationship in childhood, whereas they couldn’t keep their inseparable relationship. The main reason of which was that Eric started to get addicted to illegal drugs.

Roberts has been happily married to Daniel Moder since the year 2002.

The actress tries to keep her current life and activity in secret and even leading social networking pages, she refuses to show her husband and children.

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