These are the photos of Beckham and his little daughter which will definitely make you admire them

Here are photos of Beckham and his daughter after which you’ll adore them

It is not a secret the paparazzi and journalists are trying to catch celebrities during awkward moments or find out some details from their lives which will cause criticism and scandals. This can’t be said about David Beckham who is always in the focus of attention. In the course of these years, the paparazzi managed to catch a number of heartwarming moments in Beckham’s life with his adorable daughter which will undoubtedly melt millions of hearts making everyone admire the family. The following touching pictures show how much David loves his little heiress.

Such a happy father!

He almost always holds her in his hands.

Or on the shoulders

He never ceases to be by her side.


What a caring and devoted parent!

They regularly go out for a walk together.

He often plays with Harper.

One of the most beautiful family photos, for sure!

Beckham is always ready to support his daughter letting her do what she wants.

David is her biggest supporter and protector.

These heartwarming joint photos didn’t let anyone stay indifferent.

The strongest couple in the show business!

A cool vacation!

The “brutal” man is sometimes caught doing such things.

What an inseparable bond between a father and a daughter!

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