An abandoned kitty was given the motherly love she needed 

The caring mother cat adopt homeless kittens and takes care of them

Animals are adorable creatures!

The reasons for the little bobkitten’s abandonment was not known, but happily she was found and saved by a group of caring people and taken to the Millstone Wildlife Centre.

The little bobkitten was already 6 weeks old and had been leftover for a long time.

She was found to be in good health, but after being saved by kind people she burst into tears as she was lonely for a long time.

A group, that rescues and rehabilitates homeless cats called Spicy Cats decided to do something for her, so they brought the sweetie to Honeybun, who was the perfect adoptive mother. She has raised many stray kittens.

Honeybun has never cared for a wild cat, but her maternal love has no boundaries. Honeybun is very caring and patient with every cat and she was able to comfort the lynx kitten.

They immediately bonded with one another, but their relationship is temporary, as Honeybun couldn’t teach the bobcat to survive in the wild.

The little lynx will be taken to the Millstone Wildlife Centre and paired with another bobcat to learn to survive in the wild.

The bobkitten was given hope for the future with the help of Honeybun.

The sweet story of a caring mother cat.

Watch their adorable video.

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