The senior woman eventually got a chance to celebrate her birthday for the very first time during her life

The woman burst into tears when getting a chance to first celebrate her birthday

This heartwarming story tells about a senior woman who was eventually given an opportunity to celebrate her birthday. The touching story didn’t let anyone stay indifferent.

Meet Frances Buzzard who has worked as a dedicated janitor all her life. The woman is loved and respected by all the pupils as she is very nice and always does her work in a diligent and proper way.

When the administration called the woman and told her to immediately go to the cafeteria, she got nervous thinking that she had done something bad or wrong. Whereas a big and pleasant surprise was impatiently waiting for Buzzard.

It later turned out that the headmaster accidentally became aware of the date of her birthday and decided to organize a surprise for the hard-working and devoted woman.

And imagine Frances’s surprise as soon as she learnt that all those people gathered in order to congratulate her on her birthday. The woman was very touched and couldn’t hold back her tears. The pupils even sang a song for the janitor.

But most surprisingly, they had made a documentary about the woman showing her in her youth when she was still a very energetic and charismatic lady. At that moment her happiness recognized no limits.

As it turned out, the woman had never had an opportunity to celebrate her birthday as she was born to a very poor family and this was actually the very first time in her life. Her parents couldn’t afford to buy an expensive present for her.

Buzzard felt herself blessed and was very grateful to all of them for making her feel happy. That was truly a fantastic thing to experience!

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