Looks amazing in front of cameras: This unique 22-year-old girl with Down Syndrome attracts the fashion world

This girl diagnosed with Down Syndrome won’t let anyone stay indifferent

Currently, our world is becoming much more tolerate accepting those with absolute uniqueness and some disabilities, making them famous and convincing that they deserve love and affection too.

This time, an adorable girl named Beth Matthews, who was diagnosed with the Syndrome of Down, didn’t let anyone stay indifferent towards her cuteness and kindheartedness. Despite her condition, the absolutely unique girl could realize her cherished dream of signing a contract with Zebedee, a popular British advertising agency.

Whereas people with some disorders and disabilities as well have to pass all the tests proving that they really deserve the position. They should provide all the factors why they are worth becoming models.

The spokesperson of the company assured that Beth looks really amazing when cameras are on. They admitted that the company needed such a bright and confident personality and Beth suited them the best.

It was 19-year-old Ellie Holstein that inspired her to do the casting.

Besides Zebedee, the admirable girl has already worked with Gucci and Vogue which is simply incredible.

The charming girl immediately attracted the fashion world becoming the favorite model of millions and encouraging others to accept themselves and open their highest potential.

Beth’s mother is really proud of her daughter claiming that the girl is fond of being in the center of attention.

This real story is a great motivation for those whom the society doesn’t accept and calls “unique” or “strange”. Everyone has the right to carefree childhood and safe life.

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