A frightened cat, who blossomed after realising her new owners cared for her

The sweetie, who hid from people at first, but then realised they’re kind to her

This cat was discovered slipping in Australia. She was frightened and distant and her eyes were absolutely cheerless. However she was found by caring people, who took her to the shelter.

At the shelter she was named Shiba.

She was frightened all the time and didn’t even leave the fold or lift her head. The vet examination found out she’s absolutely healthy.

Happily soon the cat found a mew home and was transferred the next day. She was take. home by one of the volunteers. Because of odd circumstances Shiba was first scared and hid from people under the bed and only went out to feed.

But soon she started to understand that everyone in her new home cared about her and began to get used to the new house and new owners. The cat finally felt safe and blossomed before our eyes, becoming absolutely unrecognisable.

She had a friendly and warm tendency. As the cat needed a lot of attention and love she jumped into her temporary owner’s lap and purred continuously.

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