«Love knows no bounds»: The big age difference of this unique couple failed to prevent them from family happiness

The scandalous marriage of a 24-year-old boy and woman at 61 caused a stir

There is a widespread belief that if there is an age difference between partners, there are, undoubtedly, some benefits that one expects from the other. Most people strongly hold the opinion that such marriages are merely based on money interests since it is hard to believe that these people can experience sincere feelings towards each other.

Today’s incredible story is about a couple with a huge age difference who has recently caused a stir on network. However difficult it might be to believe, the age gap between them is thirty seven years.

The couple first met when the boy, Kuran, was still 15 and worked in a small establishment the owner of which was Cheryl’s heir. The elderly woman was lonely at that time regardless of the fact that she had 7 kids and 17 grandchildren.

Their age difference failed to prevent them from being happy together after Kuran confessed his feelings towards her and they rushed to form a romantic relationship.

The fact that they intended to get married literally left everyone astonished. Breaking the stereotypes, the couple faced criticism from their families, friends, passers-by as well as the network users.

After they married, their love even strengthened. The non-standard spouses dream of having a baby, whereas since she is already 61, it would hardly be possible for her.

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