“Mothers and daughters looking the same age”: It is hard to guess who the mother in these photos is

How is it even possible? Mothers looking the same age as their heiresses

In today’s reality, a number of adult and even elderly people take good care of themselves paying much attention to their skincare, not forgetting to hide their “imperfections” and maintaining their stunning and attractive figure. Whereas sometimes, it becomes rather different to guess how old they actually are as some of them look exactly the same age as their children, however surprising it may seem.

Charming W. Williams who is already 56 and her adorable heiress

Try to guess who the mother in this heartwarming photo is!

Iconic supermodel N. Campbell with her heiress Slender. They both look stunning!

Which one is the mother?

Aren’t they triplets? You must be kidding!

How adorable they are! One can admire them for hours!

Overall-known and successful 53-year-old model Je Bon accompanied with her daughter (28)

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