The incredible and unbelievable story of the woman who lost 159 kg for the sake of her precious family

In order to save her family, this strong-willed woman managed to lose 159 kilos

When this woman started to gain extra weight and changed beyond recognition, she was no more able to complete elementary things and even move, and all the household duties were done by her devoted husband. The hard-working man was also the one who took care of their children and it seemed like he was a single father.

Her weight issues started since she was a teenager when she had a serious disagreement with her mother and determined to leave the home. In order to fill her emptiness, Angel began to eat too much and quickly gained weight.

When she weighed 180 kg she met her future husband and gained 90 kilos after giving birth to her child. Later, Angel decided to take part in a popular reality show in order to have the motivation to lose weight and finally change her life.

Happily, her efforts eventually paid off and, believe it or not, she managed to lose 120 kilos. Angel also underwent a stomach surgery and continued in the same spirit.

Angel currently weighs 80 kilos, lives her life to the fullest and now she is not ashamed and can proudly show herself in public.

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