“Makes shoes out of tires”: You all will be surprised when you learn why this man filled the entire yard with tires

We got the most brilliant ideas when we experience difficulties and hardship

If the failure breaks some people making them give up on their dreams and goals, it strengthens the others encouraging to discover other options and find solutions to the problems and obstacles. This strong-willed African man is among the second group, whom the failure didn’t break, instead, a brilliant and ingenious idea came across his mind.

This man was born in a small village where people took effort and had to go through a lot of difficulties in order to earn living. The family to which he was born was no exception. They constantly lacked of opportunities, money and clothes. The situation got even worse when his father got addicted to gambling and was dig deep in doubts.

The hero of today’s incredible story had got a brilliant idea in order to help his family cope with such a burdensome and hopeless situation. With his last money, he rushed to buy tires and make shoes out of them. Initially, those shoes had an extremely simple design: the soles were made from thick tires, while the bridges and straps were made from thinner tubes. The guy set prices from 1 to 3 dollars and the first ones were successfully sold out.

When he filled the entire yard with those tires, their neighbors had no idea for what purpose he did so and even mocked his family. Whereas the man got highly inspired by the first successful results and continued the same way. As in Africa a number of people were deprived of shoes, they were happy to obtain them for such a reasonable price.

In the course of time, he got employees who, instead of him, started to make shoes out of tires. They could make not only the thicker shoes for males, but also thinner and more elegant ones for female. Gradually, his business became a great success.

The heroic man managed to pay the money that his father owed and much improved the financial state of his family. Though many produce such handmade shoes out of tires, the guy is not going to stop and is planning on expending his business.

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