Love is the best pill. The dog was saved and changed because of love

The vet communicated with the dog to let her know she is loved 🐶🥹

The animal cruelty division received a call about a dog, who was in an awful condition. They didn’t even know if the dog was alive or not. But happily the dog was found alive starving and locked in a cage by an inspector Ewa Wagner.

Ewa told, that after learning the dog was alive they immediately took him to the vet.

She wasn’t moving and had very a low temperature. She didn’t believe she could survive.

The locked dog was in awful condition.

The vet named Elizabeth Mancera immediately helped the poor dog.

When they learned the dog’s body temperature was lower than normal they started using a hair dryer and took the dog to hot water.

Elizabeth even communicated with the dog to let her know that she is loved.

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