A kind grandmother couldn’t abandon the sweet cat and brought her to the shelter

A sweet cat with health problems, who had a little chance at being adopted 

When a grandmother moved to a new apartment she left behind her house and an elderly cat. She had grandchildren, who were impatient to inherit the house, but didn’t want to look after the cat.

And the cat was taken by another elderly woman from the neighbourhood, who fed all the cats in the yard. But the granny wasn’t able to look after all the animals, as her pension was too low.

And the grandmother knew about some volunteers working in the area and she took the cat to them and asked for assistance. They weren’t able to leave the poor animal in this way, although the animal shelter was overcrowded and they had a limited amount of finances.

But after all the cat began living in the shelter with other cats. And it was discovered, that she had some health problems.

It appears unlikely, that anybody would like to adopt this cat, the volunteers are still trying to find a temporary home for her.

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