“Portals to new galaxies!”: Phenomenal photos of incredibly beautiful eyes which won’t let anyone stay indifferent

Here are children who possess the most amazing eyes you have ever witnessed

It is no secret that we are born almost blind, our eyes are initially extremely sensitive and are often closed. Whereas while we are growing up, our eyes are constantly undergoing chances. If we take the eyes of the elderly people, many of them ceased to shine due to the lack of energy and enthusiasm. But when we are referring to children’s and young people’s eyes, they can shine even more brightly than pearls and diamonds.

The talented photographer who is the author of these fantastic and phenomenal shots is from Istanbul, Turkey, the country where both the poor and the wealthy can be found in neighborhood, where even stray animals are taken care of and homeless people are respected. It is considered a county which is the home of different nations as well that’s why Abdul, the photographer, happened to be fortunate enough to meet the following distinctive and absolutely unique children.

These relatively big, amazing and gripping eyes won’t let any one of us stay indifferent. They are often associated with portals to new galaxies and universes and look mysterious.

It is rather heartbreaking to witness that the majority of these children are homeless, with dirty clothes, unkempt looks and scratches and injuries. Whereas despite all the hardship and injustice of life, they are open-hearted and experience things more fully than adults.


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