The phenomenal performance of these 60-year-old Glacier legends touched absolutely everyone

The fantastic performance of the senior champions left everyone speechless

It goes without saying that skating on ice is definitely one of the most fantastic and breathtaking types of sports which can be called “art” during which the participants’ excellent physical abilities, great talent and flexibility are observed.

It should be noted that the ability to perform brilliantly on ice requires much effort, diligent work and constant practice. So as to achieve desirable outcomes and great success, one should never give up and always keep training despite failures and all the hardship. And here, it is relevant to mention these two elderly glacier legends J. Thorville and Ch. Dean who built a drizzling career leaving everyone speechless with each performance.

And regardless of their senior age, the ice champions brilliantly performed to “Bridge Over Troubled Water” during the ITV Dancing On Ice Championships. Breaking a new world record in 1984, Jane and Christopher still never cease to delight their fans.

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