Heartwarming Loyalty: Cat Refuses to Leave Beloved Owner’s Side, Captivating Hearts with Remarkable Loyalty

The cat was suffering and stressed after her owner’s loss 🐱😢

A caring cat lives at her owner’s grave, whom she beloved in Indonesia and didn’t want to leave. The kitty couldn’t stop grieving after his owner’s loss. A passerby Keli Keningau Prayitno wanted to adopt her, but she returned to the grave her owner.

The kitty goes to her owner’s house, where his kids fed him and then returns to the gravestone.

The cat didn’t want to leave the grave although she was fed and watered by other people. She chose to live there.

The witness told, that the cat’s owner passed away and was buried there and the cat stayed there for almost a year.

She also told, that she tried to save her, but she returned back to the same place.

When the woman went after the kitty she saw, that her previous owner’s kids fed her.

And then she returns to the same spot.

She was very unhappy and suffering and it made the woman sad. This demonstrates how close animals are with their owners.

The cat refused to leave her owner’s grave almost a year ago after her passing, although many people wanted to adopt her.

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