The dog was not only given the second chance at life, but also found his caring “mother”

What an exciting rescue!

Unfortunately, every day a great number of dogs are abandoned by their owners and appear in awful conditions.
Some time ago, when the shelter was informed about a helpless dog, they hurried to save the cutie. They knew that each second would be fatal for him and they rushed to the scene without hesitation.

At first they worked hard to find the doggy, but useless. Then they began to search for him in the nearest neighbourhood, and finally they managed to find him. He was so scared and confused. The rescuers picked him up and hurried to the shelter.

The cutie needed medical care, so he was taken to a vet, and after getting all the appropriate treatment, he became quite healthy and strong.

Then he was adopted by a caring family, where he met a Rottweiler and they became inseparable just from the first day of their meeting. The rescued dog not only got a family, who was so kind and caring towards him, but also a loving “mother” who accepted him as her own baby.

The dog’s life completely changed, and he was given everything he needed: love, care and support.

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