The little boy buys feed with his savings and with the donated money opens a shelter

The kind boy, that helped stray dogs and opened a shelter for them

People all over the world appreciated the kind and generous boy’s action.

There are few people in the world, that think about homeless dogs.

A 9-year-old Ken Amante spends all his savings to feed homeless dogs, while other people would buy food for themselves.

Once the boy’s father saw, that his son was putting something in his bag. He followed him and saw, that he went to help street dogs.

The father was very moved by what his son did and captured it on camera. He shred the photo on the Internet.

“My son does a generous action and feeds street dogs every day.”

The boy’s deed was admired by everyone. People all over the world were touched.

People organised some kind of a charity, they gave the boy money for making his dream come true, open a shelter and place all of the homeless dogs there.

This all happened in 2014 and the boy does his job still now.


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