The fascinating story of a zookeeper, who befriended with a lion

The amazing friendship between a lion and a zookeeper won’t end

Lions are known to be really dangerous animals and they should be handled with very carefully, and the best decision is to stay away from them. But this doesn’t mean they are emotionless and cold hearted. And the story of an old zookeeper Frickki von Solms is an amazing proof of this.

Zilon is a very calm and dedicated lion, that is close to the South African resident Frickki for eleven years. Zilon was born at the zoo to a lioness Kata, but was soon taken away.

The guy now takes off his shoes before seeing his unusual pet Zilon, as he can be worried by the sound of shoes. The man grew up with the lion and found many interesting and new things while raising him.

And also he was raised next to him since birth.

He claims, that lions have distinct personalities, sense of humour and other amazing characteristics.

Zilon gets gorgeous care. Twelve years of friendship between Zilon and Frickki won’t finish.

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