A little dog was luckily rescued by a truehearted stranger from drowning in the frozen pond

A genuine animal lovers are ready to put themselves at great risk or even sacrifice their life so as to save the animals, that is what we call unconditional love and this exciting story is going to tell about one of those devote and trustful animal lovers that was willing to jump exactly into a large frozen pond in order to rescue a drowning dog. The animal somehow appeared in the middle of the pond not able to survive before his savior offered his priceless help. The precious scene was captures on camera and shared with people all over the world.

On that certain day, despite the freezing cold outside, the man was walking his two dogs along the park. Suddenly, a strange woman approached and begged his help not able to hide her tears and distressed condition. The woman lost her dog and now had no idea what to undertake to find her loyal companion. Before long, the man managed to find the poor animal struggling in the pond trying to keep his tiny head afloat.

The man perceived every minute could be fatal so he instantly called 911. The helping team was being late and, having no choice, the kind-hearted man decided to take action himself. Firstly, he attempted to creep through the ice and take the drowning dog but his weight wouldn’t let him do so. In one way or another, he succeeded in reaching the dog and taking him out of the cold water.

There was an explanation how the dog appeared in the water: he was probably chasing someone and misfortunately fell into the pond. The hero’s deliberate action was caught on camera!


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