The friendship of these adorable creatures is quite famous on social media. They are so amazing!

It’s the cutest friendship ever!

When a Japanese woman posted the photos of her grandchildren and pets, they went viral and became everyone’s favourite.
Thousands of people got attracted by them and it’s not surprising because they are really wonderful.

The granny’s photos make everyone happy, no matter you are sad or depressed, you will smile when you watch them.

The dogs are so kind and caring towards their human friends, and they enjoy doing everything together: watching TV, eating and playing.

This family was still famous before the birth of Sync, the youngest child.

Mime and the puppies had a strong bond, and when the second child was born, their friendship became stronger. Now they both have a loyal friendship with their canine friends and never leave each other’s side.

The parents are attracted by their strong bond and are so happy to see their children are safe and protected next to these beauties.

They are best friends forever.

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