A sweet dog was frightened to be abandoned again and didn’t go away from his owner

A cute dog, who was able to find his beloved owner and desired life

Some dogs, like humans prefer their own private place. They want to do everything quietly and just relax. But Stanley isn’t like that.

He was taken from the shelter in New Zealand by a man named Will almost a year and a half ago. And after their meeting the dog has become a sweet charmer.

At first he even refused to let go of the hand of his owner and wanted to stay with him 24 hours a day. And after some talking with his owner he became calmer.

Will told about the first moment he met his pet. And after some time he became used to apartment life, learned to eat and drink from his own bowl and linked strongly with his owner. He even got into his bed and sat so near to his owner in order to be sure to touch him.

And when Will moved the dog did the same. And he carried on the same habit even when he aged. It’s amazing, that the dog was able to find the caring owner as he desired.

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