“Hey, White Cutie Where Did You Come From?”

On February 26 there was found a seal near the northern lighthouse on Gogland Island in the Gulf of Finland who strayed from his mother and crawled away from the water for as much as 3 kilometers for some unknown reasons. Caring people filmed the baby on camera and sent the photos to the Pinniped Rehabilitation Center so that the professionals could find out about him and so that they were be able to help the cutie.  No matter how cute the animal looked it turned out that he needed urgent help.

The seal was clearly underweight and severely dehydrated so the center staff immediately took him off the island.

Now the cutie will be under the supervision of the professionals who know exactly how to take care of him.

The Whitey who came to us from the island of Gogland sends warm greetings to everyone. He is quite a toddler, with small teeth and a constant desire to get on the legs or arms. Probably, the poor creature lost his mother for some reason and then began to search her and crawled away several kilometers from the open water. Unfortunately, it is impossible to find the cutie’s mother and return her son to her. The cute seal from Gogland is the earliest patient in our practice in terms of admission. No one has ever visited us in February.”- tells the organization’s worker.

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