The mother dog now feels satisfied and happy to be taking care of her pups in a safe place

One more family was saved!

Mother dogs are so caring and attentive towards their puppies and are ready to protect them in any way. They even put their lives in danger providing their babies with safe life.

Fortunately, there are kind people, who notice these helpless creatures and support them. Our today’s heroes were saved thanks to such caring people.
When some people noticed a dog’s family wandering on the streets they informed the nearby shelter about the case, which arrived without losing time.

They said to the rescuers that all time they had provided the mother dog and her babies with food and water.

The staff took the family to the shelter in order to make their lives better.

After some time all the family became completely healthy and strong.
The mother’s face was expressing gratitude to those who saved them providing them with the life they dreamed of. Now she is so happy to see her babies in a safe and cosy place.

Now the shelter is searching for forever families for these beauties.

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