A hearing-impaired sign language teacher has found his true soulmate. That’s exciting!

What an appropriate couple!

Meet Ardi, a cute dog who had a family, but when his hearing started to fail, he was taken to a shelter because his owners couldn’t take care of him.

But his days weren’t so difficult at the shelter, and he didn’t stay long there, as a caring sign language instructor noticed him here and fell in love with him.

That day Andrew Wilson came to the shelter to adopt a dog without expecting that he would return home with the cute puppy.

When the man was passing by the enclosure of Ardi, the dog greeted him sweetly and the man couldn’t stay indifferent about him. When he called the dog for patting, he approached him immediately and didn’t afraid of socialising with the human.

It was love at first sight and the man decided to adopt him and give him the life he deserves.

Since the first day of the dog’s arrival, the man began to teach him the sign language and the animal is so smart and learns each new thing very quickly.

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