He’s extremely amazing. The donkey sings for the man who always gives him treats

Through singing, this creature expresses his gratitude for all the treats.

One year ago, Martin Stanton was having a walk around with his camera when he came across an amazing donkey name Harriet who was in a grassland close to his home located in Ireland. Initially, Stanton was astonished and that’s when he made up his mind to introduce himself by providing Harriet with a gift.

“I’m fond of animals,” Stanton reported to The Dodo. “I met him, so the following day I brought him carrots.”

From there, an incredible companionship was born.

From that premier meeting, Stanton made it a routine to spend time with the animal. He even took the time to get acquainted with Harriet’s masters, whom he describes as “truly good people” who love him too.

“Oh, he’s so spoiled,” said Stanton, still joyful to assist the cause. “I’ve been calling on him for more than a year now and I always provide him with gifts.”

But not so long ago, the cute donkey gave Stanton a memorable present as a form of gratitude. Turns out Harriet has an amazingly good singing voice and performed for Stanton, sort of expressing his gratitude for all the treats.

Here is the minute on the clip.

While Harriet’s teasing style may not land him any record deals anytime soon, Stanton nonetheless loved him even more.

“I first witnessed him singing,” he said. “I couldn’t cease laughing. He’s extremely adorable. So amiable and gentle.

The donkey deserved his carrot that day, and somehow this look at Stanton and Harriet’s sweet companionship truly feels like we’re in for a treat for all of us.

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