When the woman adopted a kitten in 1988, she never expected him to be so famous in the world

Here’s is the oldest cat in the world!

When Michonne adopted a cute kitten in 1988, she never expected that he would become the world’s oldest cat. He was a real wonder, who became his owner’s inseparable part and filled her life with love and happiness.

Now Raga, the catty, is still alive and is considered the oldest cat in the world. He has passed through medical examination and the vets claim that the cutie is healthy and strong.

Although the cat has no health problem, he doesn’t like to be in the centre of everyone’s attention, and hates to be visited by other people. This connected with his age, because now he gets tired quickly and likes to sleep a lot.

His owner keeps an eye on him and never leaves his side. The catty loves to be in a peaceful environment and have a rest with his loving owner.

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