«What happened to this iconic beauty?»: The off-screen appearance of Love Hewitt left everyone speechless

The fans couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw what Hewitt looks like now 😳🧐

In the 90s, this Hollywood actress won millions of hearts with her slender figure, lush curves and femininity. She brilliantly portrayed bright characters captivating the attention of millions. Her on-screen appearance and talent delighted everyone.

During all these years, she has maintained her stunning figure with the help of workouts and a healthy lifestyle. However, the recent paparazzi photos showed something else.

Marriage and motherhood changed the outstanding actress beyond recognition and she was no longer the same hottie. Instead of hating on her new body, she accepted all the changes and loved herself just the way she was.

Some of the fans hardly recognized her refusing to believe how time could change beauty so much.

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