A soldier gave his beloved dog a prominent role on his weeding

The unusual wedding ceremony with the dog’s presence

Dogs are considered to be man’s best friend and also their engagement ring carrier.

The connection between a veteran and a dog was so strong, that he decided to involve his beloved dog on his special day.

Martin had a great chance when he was recovering in a hospital. There are helping canines matched with military personnel by a charitable group. And Martin and the dog named Gaby were matched. Martin told: “The less I started to use my wheelchair, the more I need his help in small things.”

It was a bug happiness knowing this. He immediately got himself a worthy friend and the source of comfort.

A service dog must be educated how to always be haply and how to adore the person with whom they are matched for the rest of their lives.

On their first meeting Gaby was walking in the room when Martin entered. So it was okay for Gaby to be present at Martin’s and his wife’s wedding.

Even when other people use their four legged friends as ring carriers or only guests, Martin gave his beloved dog a special role: the best man.

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