Unamused Pup Faces Dental Visit: Fritz’s Displeasure and Emotional Response Capture Hearts

The emotional dog, who wasn’t happy for the dentist appointment  🐶🥹

No one likes dentist appointments, and dogs are among them. It’s not an amusing and interesting place as the dog park or a burger joint.

The puppy named Fritz was taken to the dentist by his owner Bret Mortimer, who didn’t tell the puppy where they’re going. Can you imagine his condition after being taken to the vet, who wasn’t similar to him.

What a stress.

It was hard for the owner to leave the puppy at the dentist, but she also clearly understands the importance of dental care for dogs. He will be healthy and free from the diseases. The puppy would live a happy and long life.

But it wasn’t like this for the puppy.

When the owner went to take Fritz from the dentist he was very angry. He doesn’t even look at his owner to show he isn’t paying attention to her.

Fritz is very emotional, but we adore it.

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