The man never expected that his music would attract this adorable animal, who came back to enjoy it once more

What a cute music fan!

Each musician desires to attract his audience with his music, and if this happens, it means that he is quite lucky.

When Andrew was hiking in the mountains with his friend, he had a cute visitor, who filled the men’s day with fun and happiness.

When Andrew began to play his banjo, he spotted that a red-haired fox came from the bushes and sat next to him. His music attracted the beautiful animal and he approached the man in order to be closer to the sound.

When the man finished his concert, he thought that the fox would never return, but he got surprised when the cutie came back again the next day.
The animal loved his music and appreciated the man’s great talent.

The fox did the same actions he had done the previous day. He appeared from the bushes and took a seat next to the man and began to carefully listen to his nice music.

It’s so pleasant for the musician to see that not only humans but also animals can love and appreciate his music.

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