When the baby cries, the family pet knows how to calm him down, and this amazes the parents

What an intelligent animal!

Meet Bamboo, a two years old dog, who enjoys his life with his loving owners in California. The cutie has a favourite toy, a yellow ball, which is always with him.

His human mother became pregnant not long after the dog arrived.

He dog’s attitude towards his mother changed at once. He became more attentive and caring to her. When she was having a rest on the sofa, Bamboo came and sat next to her for hours and never left her side.

The woman was so excited by the dog’s behaviour, and it was so surprising how the cutie understood everything.

The parents decided to allow the dog to approach the baby just after his birth. When they came home from the hospital, their lovely pet welcomed them with happiness.

From the first day of their meeting they became inseparable. Bamboo became a guardian for the boy and began to take care about him as a big brother.

When the baby cries, he knows how to calm him down: he runs without hesitation and brings his lovely toy. It really works and the smart animal manages to make the child calmer. The parents are amazed by their dog’s intelligence.

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