The social media favorites. Quokka has an encounter with a man and it’s love at first sight

These tiny beings are worth protecting.

When does a sweet tiny quokka asks for cuddles, who can refuse?

The previous month, Campbell Jones was cycling with his girlfriend in Rottnest, Australia as soon as they met one of these amiable beings strolling along the side of the path. Naturally, Jones made up his mind to stop for a moment and take a few shots with his GoPro but as it turns out, the quokka planned something more.

“As soon as I got back to my bike, the quokka was pursuing me,” Jones reported to The West Australian. I put down the GoPro and the little creature jumped at me wanting to say, “Come back!”

Seemingly, he immediately becomes attached.

While Jones’ close meeting is surely memorable, it’s indeed not all that surprising. Quokkas are curious beings that have few natural carnivores, so they seem to have little fright of humans as well as have even been known to come close to humans out of curiosity.

This fact, along with their naturally smiling appearance, has made them social media favorites in recent years, spawning the #quokkaselfie well-known internet hashtag. (Don’t make an attempt to pick up feral animals. Your quokka shots will be much better without you.)

Regardless of their growing status as Australian icons, quokkas are not without constant threats. The species is listed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature as well as Natural Resources as “Vulnerable” because of territory absence as well as the introduction of non-native carnivores.

With any luck, meetings like Jones’s will be proof in the future that these tiny beings are worth protecting.

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