Parents were worried about how their pet would react to the arrival of their new baby, but something exciting happened

The dog’s love towards the baby is amazing!

When the Parks family had a baby boy, at first they were worried about the reaction of their pet named Hinckley, but the dog’s attitude towards the baby made them speechless.

The loving pet welcomed him with happiness and gave him much love and care. At first he thought that he was a new toy, but after realising that he was a little human, Hinckley became much more careful towards him. He never left his side and was very attentive to his actions.

During the first days, the doggy was keeping distance from the baby following him from his owners’ bed, but then he began to approach him carefully and later they became inseparable.

His parents were so happy to see how their lovely pet treated their boy and they trusted him with everything and knew that their baby was in the safe hands.

Hinckley behaves like a big brother and protects the child from any danger. He knows his little brother needs his love and attention and the animal does his best to make him happy and satisfied.

When their photos were shared on social media, they immediately became famous and a great number of people got attracted by them.

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