“What a phenomenal body transformation!”: The radical changes this schoolgirl underwent left people speechless

A plump girl who was laughed at changed beyond recognition surprising her peers

Meet this unique girl Breanna Bond who constantly faced criticism and bullying from all her peers. The whole thing is that the girl weighed twice as much as a typical girl does at her 10.

The fact the Breanna started to considerably gain weight didn’t anyhow bother her parents since they didn’t consider it a rather serious problem continuing treating her with junk and unhealthy food as well as sweets.

Whereas as soon as the girl reached 80 kg, it already seemed something to be concerned about and her parents rushed to take her to hospital. After being examined by the doctors and dieticians, the girl was obliged to go on a strict diet and maintain a proper nutrition.

Thanks to her hard work, strong will-power and determination, Breanna succeeded in radically changing the way she looks having lost over 35 kilos leaving every single one speechless. While being still 14, the girl has had enough experience to teach, help and encourage others suffering from the same problem to become the better version of themselves.

What do you think about this girl? Is she now easy to recognize?


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