The amusing elephant tricked the woman making everyone burst into laughter

This story is about a hilarious elephant who made everyone burst into laughter by tricking the woman who intended to take a photo with him. All of a sudden, the elephant cunningly stole the woman’s hat and managed to hide it inside his mouth. This was undoubtedly one of the comical moments you have even seen.

In video we can see a woman who approached to a massive animal in order to take a photo and was posing to the camera. The amusing elephant surprisingly took her hat and ironically hid it making everyone laugh out loud and surprised with his humorous character. Once the woman asked for her hat, the elephant reasonably understood the request and gave the hat back to the owner.

It was really precious the way the woman asked for her hat and the video can amuse absolutely everyone.

The strolling tourists also witnessed the situation and the elephant is now admired by all the visitors.

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