A sweet cat, who became completely obsessed with a cuddly toy

The weakest of the litter, a newborn kitten needed a lot of attention and assistance 

The litter of homeless kittens was saved and taken to the shelter. And the smallest of them named Mila was very weak. An expert in newborn kittens named Monica decided to take the kitten to her house to solve the problem.

The newborn cat turned out to have many health problems. Monica understood she had to do something to support the small kitten, as she saw it continued to fight for life.

Mila was thankful for the assistance and would roll over after every meal to settle her stomach. Mila had to separate herself and dedicate a lot of energy to herself during her trainings.

And when Monica saw how poor Mila was she gave her a lot of cuddly toys, but Mila likes just one of them. “When she was three weeks old, I presented her a toy sheep and she became obsessed with it.”

Monica told, that she always holds it in her arms while sleeping. The cat considered herself fortunate, that she was able to find a loving person, who could assist her get through all of these.

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