The pit bull expresses her gratitude to his human for her kindness in an amazing way

What a grateful dog!

Not only humans, but also animals can express their gratitude to those who help or save them. Each of them has its own way to express it and even it can be so funny and amazing.

Here’s an interesting story about a pit bull, who was saved by a woman and was given the second chance at life. But he never forgets what she did for him and he always shows his gratitude in a cute way.

Meaty was an abandoned dog, who was taken to the shelter and had a difficult life. But when his photo was shared on social media, he immediately found his loving family and got the life he dreamed of. After that the dog doesn’t stop smiling to show his owner that he is so happy and grateful.

It was Lisa Reilly, a kind woman, who saw his photo on the Internet and fell in love with him at once. She decided to take him home and give him much love and care. She chose Meaty, because the puppy was so like her previous dog, who had passed away some time ago.

Now Meaty has everything he needs and is so happy to have such a loving owner next to him.

He has a great number of followers on social media and attracts the whole world with his fascinating smile. Meaty is so friendly and funny and loves to share the best moments of his life with his caring human.

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