The dog helped his little human discover himself, and his arrival in the boy’s life was fatal

What a fantastic friendship!

Marcelo is a funny boy, who was adopted by a kind family several years ago and since then he began to enjoy his life with them. The boy was strongly afraid of dogs and all meetings with them were stressful for him. But when Mini came into his life, he changed his attitude towards canines.

When Marcelo first met the dog, he fell in love with him at once and from that time their love story started. They became inseparable friends and began to share everything together. Now they never leave each other’s side and spend all day playing, running, eating and sleeping together. It’s a real friendship!

Marcelo is so thankful to the dog for changing his life in this way. They are so happy to have each other in their lives and amaze everyone around them with their strong bond.
Thanks to Mini, Marcelo discovered himself and adapted to his new environment quickly.

Mini is always next to his little human and always makes him smile. They are best friends forever.

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